Our Services


General Disinfestation/vector control.

Prophylactic/Surface Treatment.

Curative Treatment (Fumigation)

Termite Treatment.

Wood Borer Treatment.

Rodent Control.

Commercial Pest Management.

Weed Control

Birds Control.

Honey Bee Control.

Evaporation Control.

Sterilization Treatment

Tank Cleaning


Dairy/Poultry pest Management

Consultancy in warehousing.


Did You Know

Interesting Facts About Pests



Pair of Rat produces 480 offspring.


Of our food grains is consumed by Rats.


Baby Rats are born every second against one human being.


Liters of blood per night is sucked by mosquitoes in Mumbai alone.


Eggs are laid by each fly.


Species of flies are known.


Species of Mosquitoes exists.


Species of living cockroaches.


Flies can emerge from one kg. of manure.


Ten Good Reasons For Pest Control 


They are nuisance and cause diseases.

Epidemics are on the rise.

Govt. has other priorities and pest management neglected.

Civil authorities have limited funds.

Good health is our concern.

Leaving space is reducing reducing day by day.

Pest control scenario is changing, it is a must.

People are concerned about environment.

Hygiene and health control are top priority.

A numerous variety of pests are attacking on human being e.g. Mosquitoes, Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, House Fly, Rats, termites etc.

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